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Health Quiz

Answer each question below.  0 = NEVER, 1 = OCCASIONALLY, 2 = OFTEN/TOO OFTEN, and 3 = CONSTANTLY.
1.Do you delay or shorten trips or even nights out because you worry about your pain posing a problem?  
2. Do you feel your passion and enthusiasm for life, maybe even your personal relationships, suffer as a result of your body’s struggles?  
3. Do you and your spouse or significant other argue or fight about the lack of work you are physically unable to do, in and outside the house? In other words, is the pain, its toll on you, and the tension and stress affecting your relationship?  
4. Do you worry about your ability to pay your bills if your pain and/or health issues continue?  
5. Do you feel frustrated at how the pain keeps you from living the lifestyle you truly want?  
6. Does it seem to you that you are too often facing the same recurring problems, and having the same unhappy discussions concerning the same problems?  
7. Do you miss certain “family moments” because of your pain or health issues?  
8. Do you find yourself eating fast-food multiple times per week?  
9. Do you find yourself snacking instead of exercising?  
10. Have you put off something really important to you because of your pain or lingering health issues?